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Differences Between Supratentorial PNET and Medulloblastoma (Infratentorial PNET) in Children

Characteristic Supratentorial PNET Medulloblastoma
Prevalence <2% pediatric CNS tumors ~20% pediatric CNS tumors
Mean age at presentation 3 years 5 years
Sex Equal incidence Males>females
Imaging Heterogeneous enhancement

Distinct border

Poorly differentiated

Homogeneous enhancement
Histopathology Neuroepithelial cells

Small round nuclei

Molecular biology No specific chromosomal abnormalities 17p deletion

17q addition

Metastasis 5 – 39% 40 – 60%
Treatment Surgery

Craniospinal XRT


3-year progression-free survival 45 – 49% >80%