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Epidemiology of Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors in Children

Incidence and Prevalence

  • Rare: Supratentorial PNETs are rare and represent less than 2.5% of primary CNS brain tumors in children.

Age Distribution

  • 66% occur in children younger than 5 years: The mean age at diagnosis for supratentorial PNETs is approximately 3 years.

Sex Predilection

  • None: There is no sex predilection for supratentorial PNETs (1).

Geographic distribution

  • None: There is no geographic predilection for supratentorial PNETs.

Risk Factors

  • None: There are no known risk factors for supratentorial PNETs.

Relationships to Other Disease States and Syndromes

  • None: There are no obvious associations between other disease states and supratentorial PNETs.