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Keith Goh, M.D.

Section Editor

Paul Steinbok, M.D.

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Rick Abbott, M.D.


Ependymomas are gliomas that comprise about 9% of all intracranial tumors in children. They are the third most common tumor after astrocytomas and primitive neuroectodermal tumors. Two-thirds of intracranial ependymomas occur in the infratentorial compartment, while one-third are supratentorial. Supratentorial ependymomas are usually intraparenchymal tumors that have cystic components and can be very large at diagnosis.

Key Points

  • Large tumors: These tumors reach large sizes with a cystic component, and they often have increased vascularity.
  • Extent of surgery predicts survival: The completeness of resection is the most important prognostic factor. Therefore, the goal of treatment is a gross total resection, where possible.
  • Post-resection radiation recommended: Adjuvant treatment with radiotherapy is recommended in most cases.