Preparation for Surgery for Supratentorial Central Neurocytomas in Children

This page was last updated on May 9th, 2017

Preoperative Orders


  • Anticonvulsants: Children with such hemispheric/intraventricular tumors are started on prophylactic anticonvulsants even if they have not had a seizure. (They are maintained on this regimen for 1 week postoperatively). Phenytoin sodium and, more recently, levetiracetam have been used.

Anesthetic Considerations

  • Standard

Devices to Be Implanted

  • EVD: EVD may be instituted as a prelude to the main craniotomy if the child is in poor general condition and has features of grossly elevated ICP.

Ancillary/Specialized Equipment

  • Intraoperative monitoring equipment: IOM is considered when the tumor is located in an eloquent region.  It must be remembered that evoked potential monitoring requires a reduction in the level of inhalation agents, whereas motor mapping requires a reduction in the level of paralysis.
  • Neuronavigational instruments: Frameless stereotaxy is considered when the tumor is small. Endoscope: The neuroendoscope is required for minimally invasive approaches.
  • Laser: Use of intraoperative laser during neuroendoscopic removal of these tumors has been described (25).