Follow-up After Treatment of Shunt Infections in Children

Frequency of Office Visits

  • Initial visit 7–10 days: The first visit after the treatment of a shunt infection is at the time of surgical suture removal 7–10 days postoperatively.
  • Subsequent visits routine: Subsequent office visits are based on the routine office protocol for following hydrocephalic patients with shunts, with the next visit typically being 3 months postoperatively and then every 6–12 months depending on the complexity of the shunted hydrocephalus and its etiology.

Frequency of Imaging

  • Initial scan 3 months: The first image, which may be either a CT scan or MRI, is done 3 months after surgery to reestablish the child’s baseline image characteristics.
  • Subsequent scanning routine: Protocol used for patients with shunts may be resumed.

Other Investigations Required

  • Check final culture reports: It is wise to check the final status of the CSF cultures obtained at the time of shunt reinsertion at the initial first office visit to confirm that the infection has been treated.