Medtronic PS Medical CSF-Flow Control Valves

The Medtronic PS Medical CSF-Flow Control valve is a pressure differential valve built to open at a set pressure.  In vivo, the pressure that the valve responds to is the difference between the intracranial pressure and the pressure of the space into which the distal end of the system is draining into (e.g., the intraperitoneal pressure). 

Valve Design

Contoured Differential Pressure Valve, Regular and Small:

Contoured Differential Pressure Valve, Ultrasmall:

Burr Hole Differential Pressure Valve:

Button Differential Pressure Valve:


Radiographic Images

Contoured Regular Valve: Low Pressure
Contoured Regular Valve: Medium Pressure
Contoured Regular Valve: High Pressure
Burr Hole Valve: Low Pressure
Burr Hole Valve: Medium Pressure
Burr Hole Valve: High Pressure
Contoured Small Valve: Low-Low Pressure
Contoured Small Valve: Low Pressure
Contoured Small Valve: Medium Pressure
Contoured Small Valve: High Pressure
Ultra Small Valve: Low-Low Pressure
Ultra Small Valve: Low Pressure
Ultra Small Valve: Medium Pressure
Button Valve: Low-Low Pressure
Button Valve Low:
Button Valve: Medium Pressure


Valve Opening Pressures


Valve Dimensions


Valve Assemblies