Aesculap Gravity Activated Valves

The paediGAV, GAV and ShuntAssistant valves are designed to alter resistance to CSF flow through the shunt in response to changes in body position. As the body moves from the reclining position to the upright position a ball valve responds to gravity by closing. As pressure builds proximal to this valve it will reopened when a set pressure is reached. The GAV and paediGAV valves also contain a pressure differential valve proximal to the gravity activated valve while the ShuntAssistant is meant to be used with a separate, fixed or adjustable pressure differential valve.

Valve Design


paediGAV Valve


GAV Valve


ShuntAssstant Valve 


Radiographic Images

paediGAV Valves

paediGAV 4/14 Valve:
paediGAV 4/19 Valve:
PaediGAV 4/24 Valve:
PaediGAV 9/19 Valve:
paediGAV 9/24 Valve:
paediGAV 9/29 Valve:

GAV Valves

GAV 5/30:
GAV 5/35:
GAV 5/40:
GAV 10/30:
GAV 10/40:
GAV 10/50:


Shunt Assistant Valve

Paedi-ShuntAssistant 10 Valve:

ShuntAssistant 15 Valve:
ShuntAssistant 20 Valve:

ShuntAssistant 25 Valve:

ShuntAssistant 30 Valve:
ShuntAssistant 35 Valve:

Valve Opening Pressures 


Valve Dimensions


Valve Assemblies

Available configurations:





Shunt Assistant