The ISPN Shunt Guide

Hydrocephalus is commonly treated with a shunt, a tube typically containing one or more valves to manage the amount of fluid it removes from the ventricles or other fluid spaces on the CNS. The shunt is usually described by the space its inlet(s) drain (e.g., ventricular) and the space into which it deposits the CSF (e.g., peritoneal) to treat the hydrocephalus (e.g., ventricular-peritoneal, ventriculo-peritoneal shunt or VP shunt). This page shows x-ray images of various valves available for shunts treating hydrocephalus and links to pages that further describe many of the valve types offered by companies manufacturing shunts around the world.

Fixed Differental Pressure Valves

Aesculap Fixed Differential Pressure Valve

MiniNAV 0 Valve:



Codman Fixed Differential Pressure Valves

Hakim Precision Fixed Pressure Cylindrical Valve:
Hakim Precision Fixed Pressure Micro Valve:
Hakim Precision Fixed Pressure In-Line Valve:


Medtronic Fixed Differential Pressure Valves

Contoured Regular Valve :
Contoured Small Valve:
Ultra Small Valve:
Burr Hole Valve:
Button Valve:


Anti-Siphon Valves, Gravity Activated Valves

Aesculap Gravity Activated Valves

Aesculap GAV Valve:

Aesculap PaediGAV Valve:

Paedi Shunt Assistant Valve:

Shunt Assistant Valve:

Chhabra Gravity Activated Valve

Z-Flow Valve:

Codman Gravity Activated Valve

Hakim Precision Fixed Pressure In-Line Valve with Siphonguard Device:

Medtronic PS Medical Delta® Valves

Delta Valve, Regular:
Delta Valve, Small:
Delta Valve, Neonatal :
Delta Valve, Burr Hole:
Delta Chamber:


Flow-Control Valves

Integra Flow Regulating Valves


Flow Regulating Valve, Mini:
OSV II® Valve:
OSV II® Low Pro Valve:

Adjustable Valves

Aesculap Adjustable Valves

ProGAV Valve:
ProSA Valve:


Codman Adjustable Valves

Hakim Programmable Cylindrical Valve:
Hakim Programmable Micro Valve with Rickham Reservoir:
Hakim Programmable In-Line Valve:
Hakim Programmable In-Line Valve with Siphonguard Device:
Certas Plus Programmable Valve:

Medtronic Adjustable Valves

Strata NSC Valve: Regular size
Strata NSC Valve: Small size
Strata II Valve: Regular size
Strata II Valve: Small size


Medtronic Strata® and Delta® valves are Registered Trademarks of Medtronic PS Medical, Inc.